SEMBA is a non-profit organization owned by its members, formed to conduct SCRATCH bowling tournaments for bowlers age 50 and over, who are interested in improving their game while enjoying a friendly, competitive bowling atmosphere. Age qualification is determined by birth year, for those born in 1970, you will be eligible and be in the Senior division (50-59), and for those born in 1960 or earlier, you will be in the Super Senior Division (60 and over). Female bowlers, however, will have a choice to bowl in either divisions, but must declare before bowling their first tournament. Lane conditions will be changed for each tournament, giving players a chance to compete on a variety of conditions. House shots will not be used. SEMBA is open to any bowler age 50 and older (including PBA members) and there is no minimum average requirement. The tournament entry fee will be $80. The annual membership fee is $20 which goes to the annual year end tournament prize fund; $15 per bowler will go to lineage. $5 per bowler will go to the tournament event expenses, ie......TD, Webmaster, and Statistician. $5 from each entry on every tournament will also go to the annual year end tournament prize fund. Bowlers will also earn a $5 credit toward the year end tournament entry fee for every tournament bowled prior to the year end. We had $5615 added to the year end prize fund in 2019. The total prize payout for 2019 was $22,985.

Although SEMBA is not USBC certified, USBC rules are followed unless specifically stated otherwise. Any USBC approved balls are OK. Plugged balls are OK. SEMBA reserves the right to check any ball. Sanding or polishing balls after play has started is not allowed. It is allowed during the practice session. Cleaning balls during competition is allowed as long as USBC certified cleaners are used. The tournament director has the final say on all questionable circumstances.


Reservation rules :

The Board requests that no reservations be made after 10PM on the Friday preceding a tournament. 


Bowlers who fail to claim their reservations without giving notice to the Tournament Director  before the squad starts shall be subject to a fine of not more than $10.  All fines collected go to the year end prize fund.


The Tournament Director reserves the right to reassign reservations for any bowler who does not report and pay the entry fee at least fifteen (15) minutes prior to their scheduled qualifying squad time.

All bowlers must wear suitable attire. Collared shirts are preferred, name on the back of shirts are optional. No ripped jeans, gym shorts, warm up pants, yoga pants, tank tops or basketball shorts will be allowed. No head phones will be allowed. Female bowlers are allowed to wear slacks, walking shorts, Capri pants or skirts.

Tournament format:

SINGLES: All bowlers will bowl a 4 game qualifying round. One Out of Three from the Senior Division (50 to 59) and One Out of Three from the Super Senior Division (60 and over) will make the finals. 

In the singles tournaments there will always be an even number of finalists. Extra bowlers added will come from the division with the largest number of entries. In the event of a tie for the last qualifying position, there will be a 9th and 10th frame roll off.

After each game, bowlers who started on an odd lane will move one pair to the left and  bowlers who started on an even lane will move one pair to the right.

The finals will consist of 4 games of round robin match play with each round being a position round. Bowlers will carry their qualifying pins into the finals, Thirty (30) bonus pins will be awarded for each win and 15 bonus pins for a tie. The order of finish for the finalists is determined by total pins in qualifying and match play (eight game total) plus bonus pins for match play wins.The first round of match play will be 1 vs 2, 3 vs 4, 5 vs 6 etc using qualifying pin-fall. Each succeeding round will be a position round based on total accumulated pins plus bonus pins. With only 4 finalists it will be a round robin finals playing each finalist 1 game with the 4th game being a position round. If there is a tie for 1st and 2nd positions at the end of 8 games there will be a 9th and 10 frame roll off to determine the winner.

Ties for all other positions split the prize money equally.

MATCH PLAY SINGLES:  All bowlers will bowl 6 games within their age division, final grouping will be based on ages, 30 bonus pins with each win, 15 for a tie, top 2 bowlers from each division will bowl a one game roll off (no carryover of their qualifying pins), winners will then bowl one final game for the title. In the event of any bowler who does not finish the tournament, the scheduled opponent will get rewarded the 30 bonus pins.

TRIPLE ELIMINATION: All bowlers will bowl a 1 game match against an opponent based on their age grouping for 3 games. After 3 games, bowlers with no more than 2 losses will bowl against an opponent without age grouping, based on the luck of the draw.  This format will continue until a bowler has lost 3 matches at which time he/she will be eliminated from the competition. In the event of a tie, a one ball roll off will determine the winner of the match. In the event an odd number of bowlers participate in any round, a bye will be drawn, however a bowler may only draw one bye during the competition.

ELIMINATOR: All bowlers will bowl 4 games of qualifying within their age division, with 2/3 of the field making the semi finals. (Pins do not carry over) In the Semi finals, bowlers will bowl 2 more games, cutting the field in half, based on the 2 game totals. Bowlers making the second cut will make the finals, and will cash. All rounds in the finals will be 1 game rounds, cutting the field in half each round, until a champion is crowned. Ties in the cash rounds will have a 9th and 10th frame roll off.

CENTURY DOUBLES:  The combined ages of the 2 bowlers must total at least 100 years. Age will be determined by birth year only. Teams cannot consist of two current SEMBA members.

OVER/UNDER DOUBLES:  One Bowler must be over the age of 50 and the second bowler must be under the age of 50.

Format for Doubles : 

All participants shall bowl five (5) games of qualifying across a prescribed number of lanes as determined by the Tournament Director. Total pin fall for each team is used for qualifying, cutting to 1 out of 3 teams for the finals.  Qualifying teams will bowl 1 team game (1 game per bowler) and the field will be cut in half, eliminator style, after each game until 2 teams are remaining for the championship match.  

Entry fee will be $160 per team. 


Be ready to bowl when its your turn. Two lanes courtesy.

All entries are CASH only and all prizes will be paid in CASH on the completion of the tournament. No checks or credit cards will be accepted.


SEMBA members are the greatest! We are having fun! After the age of 50, it is great to have a sporting event on a world-class level in which we can compete. Come and bowl a tournament we are sure you will have a great time.


SEMBA has a better than 1 out of 3 cashing ratio.

$1 optional for 40 Frame Clean Jackpot is at $33.

Members must bowl 3 tournaments during the year, in order to qualify for the Year End Tournament in December, in which all bowlers will cash. There will be no exceptions. $2605 is added to the 2020 Year End Tournament prize fund.

2020 Top 10 Money Winners

1. Storm DeVincent $1120

2. John Kirker $825

3. Brian Boghosian $780

4. Ed Roberts $665

5. Tim Martin $655

6. Mike Dupuis $630

7. Rich Brooks. $580

8. Greg Flamand $425

9. Mike Klosin $355

10. Curtis Harris $350

       Robert Toth $350

900 Global Ball Raffle Winners

Jimmy Pritts

LANE PATTERNS (for Reference only)









ROUTE 66 45’




Various Landmark Patterns











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